Mining is not all about going underground and digging for coal and metals. It is a business that is constantly involving as stakeholders are always looking for more efficient tools and technology to improve safety measures and boost output levels. As we know, the mining industry plays a big role in the world economy.


No matter the mining processes or mineral, a scale is crucial. Scales are needed to measure material from the ground, get sent to the crusher and cut to its proper size. Scales are also required on the feed conveyors to secondary and tertiary crushers.


Scalelink’s solutions us uniquely suited for reclaiming conveyors, load out, blending applications, primary crushers, and secondary crushers.


Whether you are into mining metals, coal, oil shale, gemstones, limestone, dimension Stone, rock Salt, potash, gravel, clay, salt, frack sand, silicate, Scalelink can help you achieve higher efficiency levels on site.


Scalelink’s customers rely on our custom solutions to remotely monitor and analyze production at single or multiple locations via any Mobile or desktop device remotely from anywhere.


We look forward to meeting you, discussing your requirements and moving forward once terms are met.