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Scale Link is a fast-rising conveyor belt management company with a global network of customers and partners who trust us to help improve their production process. A reliable Inventory control software is all you need to keep your company’s production department running seamlessly. 

Scalelink’s conveyor belt software system is a stress-free solution for improving 

belt scale integration software system.

We have created a reliable and enterprise-level software that can be integrated with your conveyor belt scales to monitor your production process. It is easy to install and produces the best user experience in the industry! 

No matter what your needs are, we have a powerful software that integrates seamlessly with your belt scales. The software can integrate with almost all types of belt scales.


  • Based on your specific needs, we will design a custom software solution.
  • We collect weight, tph, speed, load percent; this way we can generate information for downtime, start/stop times, optimal production time, black belt time.
  • We collect data weight/ tons per hour and log that data to the cloud, from there you can access the plants live, and get customized reports generated and sent to you.






  • Installation and Sales


Conveyor belt scales act as a flexible weighing system for many businesses because they allow for easy and efficient in-motion weighing. Installing the best location for your belt scale is vital because the location of the belt will have a huge impact on output, ease of production and your bottom line.

Scalelink’s specializes in sales, installation, servicing and calibration of heavy capacity weighing equipment, including conveyor belt scales and trailer scales


  • Service and calibration


Maintenance services help maintain and improve product output and overall conveyor performance. Regular inspection and maintenance will help curtail little issues from becoming major issues. Our certified technicians know how to maintain plant equipment and handle scheduled maintenance and emergency service 24 hours a day.

The importance of a calibration schedule is to ensure that the required accuracy is maintained while at the same time minimizing the scale calibrating costs. As your scale service provider, we can help calibrate your balance to ensure accurate product weights as well as the certificate of calibration.

Scalelink’s specializes in sales, installation, servicing and calibration of heavy capacity weighing equipment, including conveyor belt scales and trailer scales.




At Scalelink, we believe success means providing solutions when you need them, whenever that may be. Our emergency conveyor repair service personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A broken belt, power transmission, pulley or troughing idler shouldn’t put you in a downtime.

By linking your devices to our software, we can monitor your operations and give the data/insights to improving your operation with cost savings results.




Our most important value added is not the system itself, but the expertise on the industry, so we don’t just install the system, but we will give you recommendations on where to install scales, how to interpret their information.

We just don’t sell, we give advice to improve your current operation.

By studying your data, we can make recommendations on how you can modify your operations, or what kind of equipment you need to update/repair/replace.

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Scale Link runs a committed sales, technical service, and engineering departments that are always available to help you explain our services better. We pride ourselves on being the important touch point with our clients and solutions that fulfill their needs.

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